40 Day Journey to Transform Your Fear into Miracles of Love: What Would Love Do?



This 40 Day Journey is based on the book, What Would Love Do?

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Many of us are seeking the truth and want to find the answers that will bring us more fulfillment, happiness and love. During this 40 day journey, you will be guided to release the effects of fear that cause limitation in your life. You will be empowered and inspired to make choices that come from a place of love, and therefore, experience a life filled with the magic and miracles of love.

When you say YES! to this journey, you will receive a daily message with a spiritual intention and  tools you need to transform your fears into miracles of love. This journey includes:

  • A daily intention to guide you each day
  • A daily guided message from the Ascended Masters to release fear and choose love
  • A daily ”Truth of the Day” affirmation
  • A “Gem of Love” image to anchor you in this journey
  • Self-reflection questions to apply the divine messages you receive in your everyday life
  • Inspirational videos and meditations to further support your transformation

You also receive a digital workbook to use as your journal in answering questions, noting insights, and coloring your own version of the “Gem of Love.”


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